How to transplant a plant?

To know when to do the transplant, we must pay attention to whether the roots fill the pot and take everything or pot.
When watering the old substrate and remove the entire plant from the pot, we can check the level of growth that have taken root. If they have not captured the whole plant and are very tight, then you must replace in its pot and wait a reasonable time before it is ready. Premature transplant can be very harmful.
Usually, the plants come in newly acquired temporary containers that are not suitable for optimum growth and therefore it is recommended to transplant.



Prior to transplantation, it is necessary to choose the most suitable container, which must be an inch wider and deeper than the last.



They must place a drainage layer with gravel, volcanic clay or a similar substrate. Then the current plant pot is removed carefully.



You have to place it in the new pot and fill with plant substrate Boix. Finally, watering.



Place it in the new pot and fill with plant substrate Boix.