It is said the care of a garden is the only hobby that gives you more of what you ask

The orchard requires dedication, care and presence. If we want to have a good quality vegetable garden, we have to take into account different aspects.

Firstly, it is important that you give the sun and water available. For our vegetables grow strong and healthy, it is essential that the land is good and choose a good substrate. It is essential to provide the necessary nutrients for plants other than balanced, continuous and sufficient manner.
It is important to know the sowing, transplanting, growth duration, days of harvest, etc.



Soil fertility depends on the amount of humus has. Humus is the subject of black colored substances containing assimilable by plants. Thanks to him, improves soil structure and increases water holding capacity. If we want to maintain, improve or create soil from our garden, we have to use a good organic substrate.

In the case of already having a floor, we only apply a new layer above the substrate existing. Then mix using a Palón or a rototiller. This will make sure the soil is not compacted. If it is an urban garden, if in drawers or boxes, you have to fill a good substrate to provide us with the nutrients and minerals necessary for our vegetables grow healthy and strong.



Not all vegetables are planted or seeded in the same manner:

- Broadcast sowing: is carried out by the typical gesture sowing, ie handful seed spreading on the ground. After we buried them with the rake.
- Sow in furrow: plowing a furrow, scatter seeds, cover them and finally we compact the soil slightly.
- Sow to beat: put the seeds in little wells at varying intervals for the distance ask each vegetable.

It takes place from seeds of plants that we have left glean and germinate. We can do it in containers ready to find in specialized stores, or in recovery items (boxes recovered, boats ...).
The advantage is that when transplanting is done with a pan of dirt or lump, so the shock to the plant is much lower than if done with bare root. You can also purchase seed and facts.

The transplant was performed by placing the seed in the final location of the garden, where they are to grow. To do this use the planter.



Watering must be abundant and spaced in time, rather than terse and frequent, as the roots develop in this way deeper. You need watering in the most delicate way possible to compact the soil least.