Sustrato Semillero

Product description:

Special substrate for seed germination or planting of cuttings, is formed from a mixture of high quality organic materials.
its studied porosity offers an ideal balance in water retention, drainage and aeration, which provides an ideal growing medium for germination and/or growth of plants.


  • Seed germination
  • Planting of cuttings
  • Direct planting of plants


EAN Volum U/Box U/Box Pale
8437002614423 50 - - 54

Transport Availabe:

Truck crane to 12 meters. Transport 15 pallets, 24 big bags or both.
Closed box truck trailer to carry pallets. Carries up to 25 pallets per trip.


Our company manufactures BOIX substrates for nurseries varying the composition of the products as required by the client.

Modelos de sacos:

Sack 50 liter